Crimson Company: Collectors Box

In Crimson Company, two opposing players take on the roles of adventurous noblemen in a cut-throat fantasy world. In a battle of wits, they assemble armies of sellswords, from hardened warriors and shady merchants to mythical creatures as old as time.

Your goal in a match of Crimson Company is to conquer two of the three castles in the center. You conquer a castle by amassing more strength than your opponent in the castle's lane by the time that lane is scored. A lane is scored once a player owns at least four cards in it.

The Crimson Company Collector's Box includes the content of three successful Kickstarter campaigns for an affordable price - the base game as well as the expansions "The Other Side" and "Ragnarok", including all additional content unlocked via Kickstarter.

Number of Players: 1-4

Playing Time: 10-45 minutes

Ages: 10+

Price: Please contact

Units Per Case: 6

Available in singles: Yes

Demo Available: Yes